Bad cold start

When the thermometer goes down many cars and especially diesels start worse than with warm temperatures. If you notice that you only suffer from it when the temperature drops, you are on the right spot here. When you’re having problems with all weather conditions click here.Tecflow Clean Up 201 removes paraffin crystals

Paraffin crystals

The cold-weather can cause many problems. When it is freezing  for example, that can cause the diesel  from your tank to freeze partly, this phenomenon is called paraffin crystals. When the paraffin crystals are created in the tank that could possibly block the fuel lines and filters. Because of this, the fuel does not come to the cylinders and the car does not start or starts badly. This can be solved with Tecflow Clean Up 201, this prevents paraffin crystallization.

Mechanical defects

The following could be mechanical defects. When the car itself is not aware  it is so cold, it does not prepare for the start correctly. Normally a car knows the temperature and adjusts the start to the temperature. As a result, for example; the choke may have been set differently. This is done by measurements of the sensor.

Water in the tankSpeed Cleaner removes water from the tank

It is also possible that some water in the tank will be causing the problem. Due to temperature differences in the tank, condensation forms in the fuel tank. Because water and fuel do not mix with each other, it causes corrosion in the tanks as well as in the entire fuel system. This can influence a cold start. Tecflow Speed Cleaner is an additive that binds with water, this burns the water and protects you against the rusting of the fuel system.

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