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Contamination of the fuel system is a common problem. The minuscule outputs of the injectors ensure that the fuel comes out as mist and is able to burn nicely. When the injector is polluted it can cause a malfunction that disables the injector to evenly spread the fuel, or other mechanical malfunctions instead. This can lead to serious engine damage.

The injectors often pollute by:
- No replacement of the fuel filter or no frequent replacement
- the fuel system will wear off which then clogs the injectors
- inferior - or contaminated fuel

It is of high importance that all injectors have a even and consistant  spray pattern. If this is not the case, this can result in problems that are not easy to read for mechanics. One should think of: irregular dynamic of the engine, failure of the engine or cylinder. Below you will find a number of problems that might occur due to the contaminated injectors.

Symptoms of contaminated injectors:

- Increased fuel consumption
- Less horsepower and torque
- Poor idling-, engine- or cylinder failure
- Bad start, in all weather conditions
- The overall driving comfort decreases
- Increase in emissions, often too high for MOT (explain MOT)
- Damage to oxygen sensor and catalytic converter
- Engine management sensor allocated on the dashboard

A solution to prevent mechanical malfunctions or to clean the injectors is to use Tecflow Speed Cleaner. This product is not only used for cleaning your injectors like many other products on the market. Tecflow Speed Cleaner ensures a Highly intensive cleaning that Will clean the inner fuel system. in addition, this product will also prevent pollution to form in future of the injectors lifespan.

Speed cleaner cleans among others:

- Cleans the fuel pump
- Cleans the injectors
- Cleans pistons and piston rings
- Cleans the cylinder head
- Cleans exhaust valves and valve stems
- Cleans the oxy-sensor
- Cleans Turbo if necessary
- Maintenance of the PDF
- Maintenance of the Catalytic converter
- Maintenance of the EGR valve

You can apply Speed Cleaner at 2 concentrations:

Heavily polluted injectors
In case one suffers from Clogged injectors, it is highly advisable to add Speed Cleaner at a high concentration. Add 1 bus speed cleaner to ~20 liters of fuel there after drive 30 km. Within this 30km your engine has enough time to get up to temperature and clean properly.

Polluted injectors or in pro caution
Are your injectors slightly polluted and have you noticed that, or does your car have a high mileage, in that case add 1 Speed Cleaner to 40-60 liters of fuel.

For the product to work as efficienct and at full capacity use Clean Up 101 Petrol or Clean Up 201 Diesel every 10.000km

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