Algae in Fuel Tank

Not only ships are having problems  with algae in there fuel tank, this problem also occurs often in diesel cars. Condensation creates moisture in the tank that sinks to the bottom. Every fuel tank will have or get moisture in the tank, there always is moisture in the air, which will condensate in the tank due to the temperature fluctuations.

This also happens in the large tankers and ships which transport the fuel.  So with every refuel it’s possible to add a bit of moisture in your tank.

In the moisture at the bottom of the tank, bacteria start to reproduce and feed on the fuel in the tank. There is a separation between the water where the bacteria live and the fuel from which they get their food. The microorganisms reject waste products which can provide:

  • Flakes and dirt in the fuel
  • Clogged fuel filters
  • Contaminated or clogged injectors and injectors
  • Damage to pipes and fuel pump due to corrosive separation
  • Rust in tank and pipes

To solve this problem or prevent this from happening to your car, we recommend Clean Up 101 for petrol or Clean Up 201 for diesel. This additive is not just for cleaning the fuel system but  also:

  • It kills the bacteria in the tank
  • Mixes with water, water is burned with it and disappears from the tank

This prevents the bacteria from growing in your fuel tank by burning the water and killing the bacteria.

Clean Up 101 Petrol removes algae from fuel tank  Tecflow Clean Up 201 Diesel removes algae in the tank

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