Water in the Fuel Tank

Water in your fuel tank can have unpleasant consequences over time. This can start corrosion  formation in not only your tank but also in the fuel lines. Many cars also suffer from various ills from small to large including:

  • Algae growth in the tank
  • Bad cold start
  • Rust in the tank and fuel lines

The water almost always enters the tank through condensation in the tank, but can also be found in the fuel. This can easily be removed with Tecflow Clean Up 101 for petrol and Tecflow Clean Up 201 for diesel. These products bind with water and ensure that the condensation is burned. your car will be fully cleaned for these bacteria. And will prevent problems within the car that can’t be seen on the first notice, but definitely something that is not to be forgotten.

Clean Up 101 Petrol removes algae from fuel tank Tecflow Clean Up 201 Diesel removes algae in the tank

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