Cleaning Turbo

A turbo provides extra power because it uses the exhaust gases to pump air into the engine block under pressure. This technique is very effective and beside more power a turbo can decrease the fuel consumption.

A turbo uses the exhaust gases to set a flywheel in motion, the more revs, the more exhaust gases the faster the flywheel turns. But the exhaust fumes pollute the turbo enormously and especially when it doesn’t hit the high RPMs or when you drive shorter distances.

If your Turbo gets polluted, it can quickly have big effects on the performance of the turbo. A turbo can make thousands of revolutions per second, so the smallest pollution already has an effect. Pollution results  in:

  • More fuel consumption
  • Damage to the turbo what can lead to replacement
  • Less torque
  • Less power
  • Acceleration decreases sharply

A turbo is polluted by exhaust gases but also by many other parts in the car. When other parts get polluted in the car, this does not support the performance of the turbo, think of:

  • PDF
  • EGR valve
  • Catalyst
  • Intake manifold

When these parts also get pollutant, everything get blocked and the engine power drastically decreases.

Tecflow Speed Cleaner for cleaning your turbo

This can be solved by cleaning the engine. If you want to solve this problem or want to clean light pollution, this can be done perfectly with Tecflow Speed Cleaner. This fuel additive perfectly cleans the entire fuel system and removes slug and carbon waste from within the engine.

Tecflow Top Engine Cleaner for cleaning your turbo

If you notice that the car is really polluted then we advise you to use Top Engine Cleaner. This product is applied through the air inlet and is a strong cleaner. This quickly and drastically removes all soot, carbon and other contamination. This product is often used for performance cars make the cars run smoother in gas consumption and to get as much power out of the engine as possible. Nevertheless this product is perfect for every car to improve their general performance.

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