Fuel additives
•    What are Fuel Additives?
 Fuel additives are as simple as they sound. It’s a additive you have to add to the fuel in the fuel tank. The additives mixes with the fuel in the tank and will slowly get in to the engine.

•    What does additives do?
Because the additive will get slowly in the engine it cleans the engine gradually  on all places the fuel passes. It prevents pollution, wear and much more.

What it cleans:
1.    Cleans the fuel lines and fuel tank
2.    Cleans the fuel pump
3.    Cleans the carburettor / jets / injectors
4.    Cleans the pistons and piston rings
5.    Cleans the cylinder head
6.    Cleans the valves / valve stems / throttle valve / valve seats
7.    Cleans the exhaust gas oxy-sensor
8.    Cleans the turbocharger
9.    Cleans catalytic converter

•    Do I need additives?
Every car can use a cleanup of the engine. Your car’s interior needs to be cleaned once in a while so why doesn’t your engine?  Coal will be formed in the engine which makes your engine run less smooth. It results in more oil consumption,  higher co2 emissions, bad starting and much more problems.

Clean Up 101/201
•    Which additive do I need?

Clean up 101

Is made for Petrol cars which are not heavily contaminated. The additive can be used every 10.000Km.
1.    Prevention of pollution
2.    Binding of condensed water in the tank
3.    Reducing of fuel use
4.    Improvement of the ignition
5.    Increase of octane content
6.    Reducing of CO and HC emissions
7.    A change of bringing back your missing HP

Clean up 201

Is made for diesel cars which are not heavily contaminated. The additive can be used every 10.000km.
1.    Prevention of contaminated atomizers
2.    Improvement of the ignition
3.    Prevention of soot emissions
4.    Prevention of flocculation
5.    Improvement of the cold start
6.    A more economic running engine
7.    A change of bringing back your missing HP

Speed cleaner
•    Speed Cleaner or Clean Up?
Speed Cleaner is a strong version of the two cleaners. May your car be heavily contaminated or never used an additive you can use Speed Cleaner. After use of Speed Cleaner you can use Clean Up every 10.000km/6200miles.

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