Smoking Diesels

My diesel car smokes when I accelerate

Why does my diesel engine blow black smoke, is it broke?

That is the biggest question and the answer we give most of the time is “No it isn’t”. Most of the time Diesel engines produce black smoke because of pollution.

Why should I clean the engine?

It is necessary to clean your car’s engine because it causes big wear to the engine and isn’t good for the environment. There are 2 ways  to clean your engine because your engine needs 2 things to run.


The first thing is fuel so you have to add an additive to the fuel. An additive cleans everything the fuel passes so it cleans one part of the engine and all parts fuel passes.


The second your engine needs is air. So you have to use an aerosol which cleans the engine this way and for diesels this is the most effective way it’s called Top Engine Cleaner. You will see from the moment you inject it into the air intake all pollution comes out with the exhaust. This works for diesel and petrol cars but isn’t without any risk. The best and safest way to have it done is by a mechanic. A diesel with a small engine will start running on higher rpm when you spray it in the air intake so don’t spray it all in at once. A petrol car has a signal wire which you don’t want to hit.

After using this method your diesel engine is cleaned on both ways. If your car still smokes it may not be caused by pollution but incorrect timing or over-fuelling.

We recommend Speed Cleaner for the fuel part because this is a stronger cleaner than normal cleaners.
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And Engine Cleaner for the Air intake part.
Buy Here Top Engine Cleaner

Here you go, have fun with cleaning your car!

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